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When the principle has been fully repaid not only is the customer free of debt but he or she has also accrued savings; savings he or she otherwise would have allocated to interest:



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Inspiration for Bank Operations

TOWARDS A TWENTY FIRST CENTURY BANK AND MONETARY SYSTEM, SUBMISSION TO THE INDEPENDENT COMMISSION ON BANKING by Ben Dyson, Tony Greenham, Josh Ryan-Collins and Richard A. Werner. Available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommericial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. For more information see http://www.neweconomics.org/publications/entry/towards-a-21st-century-banking-and-monetary-system.

THE JAK MEMBERS BANK, SWEDEN: An Assessment of Sweden’s No-Interest Bank by Mark Anielski. Published by Anielski Management Inc., January 16, 2004.

The Positive Money Proposal by andrew Jackson, Bend Dyson and Graham Hodgson. Published by Positive Money, April 2, 2013.

JAK Membership Bank

Note JAK Membership Bank is an online bank that doesn’t deal with cash.

I redesigned JAK’s bank operations with the New Economics Foundation Submission To The Independent Commission On Banking (as above) to make Rich Soil a brick-and-mortar bank that deals with cash.

Option Two Scrap my work and straight copy JAK’s saving-and-loan (interest free, full reserve) system. No cash. No brick-and-mortar.

Lower your overhead and regulatory/ house-keeping liabilities while keeping your for-profit status.

The biomimetics shine and provide the co-optative, non-for-profit appeal.



Inspiration Simple Bank





Metabolic Processes Energy Conversion and Entropy

Ecological Efficiency Energy, Ecosystem Production Pyramid

art4 1

Economic Efficiency Money, Economic Production Pyramid

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.17.20 AM



Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.06.26 AM



Form to Function DNA/ RNA folding (ribosome, functional/ structural proteins)










Metabolic Processes




Dynamic Nonequalibruim Always in a state of motion or changing conditions and evolving so that life may endure and regenerate. Can move or shift; not a state of stillness or perpetual growth, but rather, a system of flux and flow.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.42.40 AM



Cellular Inhibition Locations, Money Flow – DNA/RNA folding (ribosome, function/structural proteins)

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Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 9.50.05 AM

banking22 14


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page 2

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page 5

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Traction: Gathering data and building a customer base.

(Crowdtilt/ Kickstarter project “Place Your Piece” portrait view)






 (Crowdtilt/ Kickstarter project “Place Your Piece” profile view)



Crowdtilt is an interactive crowdsourcing platform. The House will use Crowdtilt as a way to pre-create traction for Rich Soil before the banks organizational phase:

Crowdtilt will be used to source funds and produce a video creatively introducing the bank and Biomimetic Banking.

Additionally, the Crowdtilt project will save the bank internal resources by leveraging real-time analytics and market insight; leveraging the number of people interested in Rich Soil Bank and Biomimetic Banking in addition to the demographic and geographical information the bank will need to obtain it’s banking license.

In short the Crowdtilt project becomes the tease trailer for the bank. Like authors who use crowdsourcing platforms to gain traction “people know what they’re getting before they open and crack the spine of book and, they love it” people will know what they’re getting before the bank breaks ground or opens its doors.



On the Economy

If economy is a derived from the word ecology and ecology from oikonomia (oikos meaning house and nemein to manage, meaning house management) perhaps why we have yet to understand the economy is that you don’t manage a house.

You live in it.

On the Science of Marketing

Biomimetic Banking is a scientific way look at banking on a Newtonian and quantum scale (laws we abide by). It’s also play on marketing.

About proving to people not how you’re right but rather, how you’re not wrong.

Scientifically both have to cancel each out, but it’s about what information you tell first that changes the story.

.. Or how consumers see you via marketing


1) Biomimetics 2) Economics 3) Play/Design 4) STEM – Soft inheritance or associative learning via banking/ biology for kids.

Carbon Neutral Banking

Accounting for customers/ accounts that produce or sequester carbon. For example, a commercial account for a cattle company would create more CO2 than __________ (fill in the blank) but could be offset by investing or holding an account for a shellfish company. (Shellfish are like trees of the sea. Carbon neutral/ self refueling industry.)

Sabermetrics “The search for objective knowledge about baseball”- Bill James

About Sabermetrics Sabermetrics is an analytical, evidence-based approach to assembling competitive baseball teams despite disadvantages to revenue situations. Using statistical analysis to question traditional measures of baseball evaluation (such as batting average and pitcher wins) sabermetrics provides a way to objectively design a team based on a systems thinking or an understanding of the linkages and interlace components (participates) that compose the system- without overlapping resources to buy wins.

“SABR.” A Guide to Sabermetric Research. Society for American Baseball Research, n.d. Web. 07 May 2014. <http://sabr.org/sabermetrics

Sabermetrics Example The platforms: Kickstarter, Airbnb and Uber https://medium.com/the-cool-thing-about-kickstarter

Essentially you’re combining modular and nested components without overlapping resources to buy wins. It’s self organizing, self satiating and self regulating and, regenerative through redundancy. Succeeding a flux of non equilibrium. The focus is robustness through species density/ carrying capacity. Producers of the economy.  

Proteins http://delanyspace.com/2015/09/25/protein/

Through function the bank should market itself. Like Uber, Kickstarter or Airbnb.

Protein Example Tesla D https://challenges.openideo.com/challenge/climate-stories/stories/tesla-d-designed-by-delany

Marketing As a bank you advocate separating transaction functions from lending activities, similar to reinstating the Glass Steagall Act but through free market mechanisms before being asked.

Marketing points:

  1. one provides a choice, to or not to participate in arbitrage investing activities, and
  2. two those who do choose participate and be capricious edit themselves out of the gene pool. No harm to the larger public who can’t afford it and don’t understand what’s going on and didn’t sign up for it.

So what is all of this? It’s not a bank, but a way to bank.

We don’t live on the soil. We live from it.





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